Tuesday, December 1, 2009

genting trip

WOO HOO last day at genting. IT was so damn cold cant even see the road infront went the clouds were covering the area during midday
actually i went there cause my father got some retreat there with the bukit batok CC thing. So my family (tompang) my father's friend's car.

SO shiok lor.

                                             just reached there...
on the way...

more pics in my pics hahha in facebook

Monday, November 9, 2009


Guess what, I went to a soccer game with my parents and the grassroots members of bukitbatok cc. It was Singapore Cricket Club n Balestier Khalsa FC. And there was a 'novelty game' when you must guess who is the champion of the game and win a SONY PSP as a prize. I put my name and vote 4 BKFC and my bro's 4 SCC. There were about a thousand there so we had like 1 in 500 chances of winning the challenge. I waited and waited. All I think of BKFC but SCC is leading with 2 to 0. When every thing ended I was damn depressed SCC won. So, I though there was 0.00000000000000000000% of winning. Then the winner was announced, "EDRY ELIAS,.........., um, T0320043J."OOOMMMGGG!!!!!!!!!! !!!. So I went running down carrying my bro and brought him down to de field. WE WON A SONY PSP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


What a very @$%#*!^#(!@&@(#&!*(#&*(!(&!#()&@!(*$&!@#*($^!@#&*(^$!@%^$&*!@$^@%*^O$&*(!@^$*&!@^$(&*!@^$&*@^ Day was yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to avoid smelling food and get tempted by food for next week's lesson. I say that and then every body blame me bacause Ms Ng said no cooking for 1/4 next week.

WHAT THE@%^*!#%!@^#$*)@!#$&!@)$&)!@$%$!@^*$(^#&*!)$&*#_&#!*)^#^$!%#$*!^!@$&!@$*^(!#$!@&$^!@#$!@&$*!#)$&!@*()$^!@#$(!@*#&(_!@#!@$)!@($!#)$^

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sunday - Did nothing

Monday - Boring

Tuesday - BORING

Wednesday - BORING!!!

Thursday - BBOORRIINNGG!!!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Monday - BORING ( need to go literature lesson with a trainee teacher which makes no response from the class. Our form Lit teacher was fun. His name is Timothy Boay but I call him Mr Boyboy or Ah boy.)

Tuesday - A BIT FUN (Made spaghetti bolognese for HE *ate all the mushroom HEHEHE*)

Wednesday - skipped school to watch eclipse but no chance.. Go 2 science centre also waste of time to know that we can only see 10% of the sun blocked for singaporeans. Good thing is my dad was interviewed by Channel 8 and U. My sis kena interview by Staits Times. MY NAME WAS INCLUDED IN BOTH INTERVIEWS!!!
Thursday - BORING (saw auntie, apek and one 19 to 25 year old blur kingfighting verbally. said alot vulgarities like @#$%^&&* and kannasai. Sometimes it is very important 2 be kiasu)
Friday - BORING (no comment)
Saturday - visited my other sis's workplace at ZARA at the new ION at orchard. Looks damn like a hotel. The toilet is more cosy than the shopping centre. Lagi with the music, ambient, damn power.